a couple of weeks ago,

we went on what is turning out to be a quintessential (first time I write that word=) trip: five days in North Conway, New Hampshire β€” three of them golfing, all of them about food, eight couples! You’d think it’s a cluster, but it is not. The guys play in two-man teams and have given each other names. No, let me restate that: some of them have given everyone names, including themselves, which are pretty funny and silly. The women play individually and compete too, without names (as far as I know =), except for me. Gotta go against the stinking grain …

Our last day, in my opinion, was the best β€” although we were unable to finish playing because something akin to a monsoon descended upon us in Mount Washington! Anyway, once we got to the house and dried off, half the crew went out for dinner, the rest of us stayed behind. We (use that term lightly) cooked and had a superb dinner, with music, dancing, and laughs, some bonding convos. Eventually, when all together, we competed in putting matches in the living room.

Next year we plan to go back to Woodstock, NH, where we went last year, and stay at the same Inn. We all have already made reservations! The food situation won’t be the same, but we will all still bring our best chow and somehow commandeer a wrap-around porch and … probably get in trouble. Part and parcel of the thing.

I took no pictures on this trip. Gasp! Not one. That is so odd! And, for some reason, it didn’t feel like proper travel for me, although it is on paper. Driving to NH doesn’t get me away enough anymore, I presume.

The trip to PR planned with one of my sisters is silent β€” we’re silent about it. Another sister may come to visit from Puerto Rico in a few months, and although that is definitely not traveling, it may seem like it to me because of her being here. 😬 Makes sense to me! 😬 So essited! We’ll just shindig up here!

Mount Washington Hotel photo

2019 trip
we have not stayed there
would be nice
i spent a weekend there once, years ago