mercy noun (also: youngest sister Mercedes’ nickname =)

mer· cy | ˈmər-sē

1 a: compassion or forbearance shown especially to an offender or to one subject to one’s power

Before we moved to the states in 1977, my brother Coco (aka Frank, or vice versa =) and I visited family here a few times — we traveled with our grandparents a bit. One of those trips was at Christmas, and my aunt Lidia (my Dad’s sister) took us to Canada. Not only did I get to see the falls, I saw 1: snow (1st ever) and 2: squirrels (1st ever too, and black, so I thought that’s what all squirrels looked like).

it may be difficult to understand

what it’s like to see snow fall upon you from the sky, especially at night, when you’ve never experienced it. It is beyond magical. Not much different from a child’s, reaction regardless of the age. Only a cynic could brush it off, in my opinion. I should not look down on someone who reacts differently than me. Should not look down on anyone for any reason … =|

back to mercy:

the word popped in my head just now and made me think of the first time I heard it (besides daily at home as my sister’s name). It happened during that winter trip. Do not recall the age, but will venture 8 & 9, or 9 & 10. My brother and I are “Irish twins” —  born within 11 months of each other. We’re the same age during the month of November.

Anywho, we were in church, not understanding a word of English, when suddenly the whole congregation, repeatedly, aloud, said our sister’s name. Don’t know if my brother remembers it. I do: remember the moment, our amazement, looking at each other, then asking once we got back to the house why was everybody saying Mercy? We figured they were praying for her, but, really, in New Jersey? Without knowing her?

wonder if she knows what her name means. sure she must.*

Hmmm, I don’t know about this sabbatical thing. Have only added Uncategorized posts since ‘returning.’ Have a few posts already written, a myriad of others in progress, many to write …

Having a bit of trouble focusing and honing in.

* she does: piedad