but i think i should meditate on that

09.18.21 scribble

So today I ponder because I saw the scribble + I’m curious.

On the outside, it seems that nothing is happening. First, I must define life, I believe, because to me life is something I do, not something that exists or happens. This has been a crux or a cross to bear since I have had reason to think. We live = that’s life. I think it is a crux—essence, core, root, pivot. Life can’t do anything; people can, and only people. And nature. Circumstances may present choices and paths, but it is still down to you | one | me to make + take them.

Do the definitions hamper or have any bearing on the original question? Perhaps not.
As I said before, there may be people with no choice at all (‘little choice’ is still a choice) due to external circumstances, which I won’t even voice because it’s heartbreaking. Yet internally, there is a choice.

Back to the question: I write—not true 🤭, not in the real sense. I mean, I write ⌨️ every day but have been avoiding (not on purpose) writing my third novel. I write snippets and ideas but do not work on the book itself. I spend a lot of time creating for this blog because I like doing so, but I love putting together a story more. Guess I don’t because it is easier to blog. It starts and ends in one (long) swoop — it is defined and visible and done like 🤌 that, therefore gratifying, yet it is time and mind-consuming, whereas writing prose isn’t. It flows.

hmm, interesting . . . will be flowing more! and post 2x week + sanctuary quotes 3x. see ya!