Yesterday, we bought a mighty air fryer / convection oven / a-lot-of-things-appliance and my husband is excited because he believes that,

since it was my idea to get it,

I will cook more. Not that he will let me, as he usually has to have his hands in the pot. And I shall cook more — not because of the appliance but because I want to eat differently, therefore cook, even if on the stove. So having the appliance makes no difference, except in his mind, and that’s fine with me because I can’t get in there. =)

who would want to, right?

I am not speaking specifically about him but in general. So I cleaned and primed the thing for use, then baked a small dish of eggplant parmesan, which he made from garden 🍆+🍅.

Today, my breakfast consisted of a smoothie which, in theory, I’ve always wanted to drink in the mornings but have never until today. I prefer anything over fruit; I mean that. I eat fruit sometimes but would rather not.

enjoy it at times but have 0-zero-0 appetite for it

The smoothie was not great, had a tad more texture than I’d like, but better than what I expected. So much so that I went out and bought other fruits. =) Which eventually my husband ate because they just sat there 😆.

monday 08.30.2021

Not in the mood to post then, or since, and barely today, but it is silly to realize again that I do not always do what is good for me and want to do.

So I am posting after coming home from a 5-day mini-vacation and having no desire to post about THAT: the annual New Hampshire golf trip — same nice golf courses, bad golf (for me), good food + lots of laughs. We had a Big Chill type of night last night =).

For what I want to do I do not do …

St. Paul has a humorous, although perhaps not intended to be, way of stating it.

Romans 7:15
ps: i haven’t restarted the smoothie thing, but do use the oven👩🏽‍🍳.