spent a few days in NH

at an inn with unbelievable flora (took so many photographs!) and amazing breakfasts, plus sticky buns that are not too ticky but still scrumptious. The third year in a row in New Hampshire, although in different towns, and have been blessed with wonderful weather all three years. It is always the week before the NH Highland Games — which I had attended a few times before these group trips, and also had superb weather. Started going to the Highland Games to do research for Mine To Give, which then turned into the head-over-heels desire into all things Scottish.

Although New Hampshire is mountainous and well-endowed with firs and maples and birches, and who knows what else, the photograph above captures the freedom of driving, the feeling of being on a journey, which is enough for me. Getting somewhere is sometimes as exciting as the destination. I like to travel — to move.