in my Scrivener binder (nice try, it’s a monster — but that’s what the people at Literature & Latte call it), to check if I had already posted a quote, two posts came up. I found a typographical error in the first, a May 2020 post. 😱 I wrote maker instead of marker, as in a book marker. So I corrected it, then read through the post.

the second post referred to

an ice cream maker and I read that one too. It has a funny comment about smoothies, and I thought: is this linked to the smoothie post? So I searched for that post and … uh, there is no such thing. But did find smoothie commentary in another post, so here are the posts on me not liking smoothies.

banana ice cream
an appliance + a scribble
digressed a tad
after much pre-amblei at last like smoothies (mine, anyway)

I prefer them on the red side and don’t like blueberries in them — the skin’s too thick. I don’t like chewing fruit but drinking it, so they defeat the purpose. Nixed, though they do look nice. Thanks to our daughter-in-law, I use them when dressing up a Topo Chico,

along w/ grenadine (which is simply pomegranate simple syrup)

I also realized that smoothies turn out better with fresh fruit. I usually mix fresh with frozen — don’t like having too much fruit in the fridge or counter because it will eventually end up in the compost. I prefer smoothies fresh because just-made is not cold, as I don’t like cold drinks.

what’s in the smoothies?

Berries: straw, rasp, black, blue if in the frozen mixed bag, mango, banana, flaxseed (chia seeds float), vanilla, water (again, that chewing thing 😁), and maple syrup. When I remember, I add a pinch of salt. How could you go wrong with that?


i continue going off script and not posting in the order of categories i planned to post … today because i did a search on maker for a quote i will not use yet. there’s always a reason