i love hot water

Not the kind one can get into, as in: trouble, although I also seem to love that too, or as hot water in a tub | shower … now that I think of it, as my hands run away with my thoughts and write this, I guess I really, really like hot water. Any kind. But the original idea was of the drinking kind.

  • All by its lonesome self | I have never liked cold water or ice (unless it’s in Coca Cola, which I do not drink much anymore). And I learned many years ago, while on a trip to Taiwan, that hot water is good for digestion. A few of the designers I was working with were drinking hot water, not tea as I had supposed, and it shocked me, but after I tried it, I got hooked. It’s been over 20 years.
  • With juice | Sometimes, it needs a little color or flavor to spice things up. So I add a few ounces of cranberry or orange juice to the water. Or squeeze a lemon, or add mint and ginger. I usually get looks because the water has no “known” color or looks a bit dirty and murky. But it is drinkable — much more than lonesome water unless it is hot.
  • As tea | Except for Earl Grey (yuck).

Believe it or not, hot water has a flavor of its own, very different from cold water. And it doesn’t quench like cold water but satisfies in a more profound sense. I can’t explain it any other way.

As for hot water in the shower: sometimes, especially in winter, before getting out, I turn the water as hot as my skin can stand it, then turn it cold, and it feels so refreshing … plus, when I get out, I don’t feel the difference between the steamy inside as I expose my body to the not-so-steamy cold outside.

The other hot water? Oof! Don’t like that one but seem to step in it quite often. I am much better at avoiding it than I used to be, probably because I work from home now and I’m somewhat secluded from people and places where I could fall into all kinds of puddles.