of McCall Smith’s The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books, started it at the beach (yes! I went this past Sunday: 91° @ home vs 73° on the shore. No contest. The weekend was definitely unseasonably balmy for the middle of May in New England.  That’s a lot of “y” words! Could get away with just the last one.) and it was good.

the book. and the beach.

Did not read the book yesterday so I wouldn’t finish it in just two days. I bought the first of these books for a trip to Bermuda (my one + only) and I was hooked. I believe it was newly published then. Just went back in time to figure out when this happened — hopped on the stones of my history | story and

arrived rather quickly at the summer of 2003

The weight + pain almost cost me the morning, but dwelling on (some) memories + pasts is futile—well, they’re all futile, but some I cherish—so I moved on. Just (how many times do I use that word, first, and use it to mean only instead of lawful, second?)

discovered that alexander mccall smith

has written twenty-three Mma Ramotswe books! Plus so many others — I’ve some of the others too, but … wow. He is a prolific writer who pushes out ~five books a year. 😲  Anywho, came upon a YouTube interview of him at the 2021 Edinburgh Book Festival, insightful and clever, titled Human Kindness, and learned that mobile phones do not exist in his novels,

nor do the internet or computers. neat.

a worthy rabbit hole. it does happen sometimes.

will look for the books i own (although i believe most of the ones i’ve read were from the library) and read the The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency Series in order.
doubt i’ve read half of them!
might even step into a library, even if it means driving to the old hood. 😁