She picks up the tiny box and twirls the ribbon in her fingers, then opens it without daring to look at him.

Shimmering Blanket of Diamonds

Like A Blue Thread

The flawless, un-faceted stone in a rich, orange-gold shade is translucent in spots, its nuances difficult to describe. It has an awkward shape, a round top and flat back, set on a platinum filigree band. It took Adrián well over a week to find it. 

He came upon it during one of his trips to East Africa and returned for it after losing touch with Sara, hoping this day would come. 

Traveling across meridians, he got caught up with lesser treasures, and halfway to Madagascar, his journey just about ended at Henri Bouvier’s, who had a denim-blue stone, a stunning pear-shaped iolite, long and drawn like a teardrop. Henri, persistent, almost persuaded him to go south and see others, but that was not what Adrián wanted. Henri took him to the airport, still promising greater gems if he had the time, but Adrián’s mind was set.

He had a couple of drinks at the airport and slept on his flight to Antananarivo.