at last …

you know when you at last

do something exactly the way you have wanted to but hadn’t? And say: aah, nice! Why didn’t I do that before? It happened to me this morning, or better stated, I did it: combined what I have learned about breathing with yoga — the physical aspect of yoga. This unity has two benefits:

1) maintains my mind clear — that’s a lot of ems, “keep” would be better, but “maintain” is the word I want
2) I hold the poses longer — and for the same amount of time instead of counting at different intervals
3) my body enjoys proper breathing
4) my spirit soared before I even got to my desk, as I completed the upper body poses while waiting for the milk to heat up for my chai
5) opens a door (don’t know how else to explain it)

I can do math: they’re not two things, but I am glad that even though I would be thrilled with the first two, I also experienced the other benefits.

+ i haven’t even begun to consistently meditate or chant

being at peace + tranquil = happier me