two days a week

something outrageous happened again this week. so outrageous that i won’t even write about it, but suffice it to say that it opened my eyes. again. my arms/wings/whatever were never tied behind my back—

that is how strongly i feel

about it and the newness surrounding me. and with it comes along the realization that i have more to do, or something specific, and will endeavor to do so. regardless of not knowing (🧐) exactly what.

i’m good with it . guiltless . open . ready

i’m bringing it on

What this means is that i will post on tuesdays and fridays. when (not if) the spirit moves me and it’s unavoidable, on other days too. but for now: tue + fri + sanctuary pages

was about to write so i may devote more time to but stopped:
so i may devote