September 2021

honor everyone you speak to + everyone you see

do you know who you are?

One Vacant Chair

Joe Coomer

maybe we’re from where we want to go

spirit and wisdom surround us

surrender to it

all day



Anita Krizzan

we are all pure perfection,

desperately trying to be something

we already are

life is a song and we were all

born to dance

wrong belief leads to wrong action

believe in

. accept as true .

your true goodness

and worth



then i will sprinkle clean water upon you

a new heart i will give you

and i will put

my spirit within you

when a ritual is broken

my day is not the same

so then, is my life? *


Verse 3

when action is pure and selfless

everything settles into its own perfect place


* although i thrive on evolution + change, i have consistencies that pull me through, like a hand

2c: an act or series of acts regularly repeated in a set precise manner