ok, so something outrageous

happened last monday

i like a lot of things, like … a lot of things.

Like more than I dislike. Among the likes are writing, creating, reading, dancing. New: meditating. I had never gotten it, understood it, believed in it. Then I read a book I recently received as a gift. And followed the advice, simple as it is: sit (or lie down) and let go โ€” even (or especially) if or when you don’t feel like it, or it seems unproductive. I could go tangential on feeling and seeming but won’t.

you’re welcome

i’ve been on the brink of blogging again since january 2nd

I mean, every couple of days, I write a snippet and think, Ok, I’m doing it. But something has held me back. Don’t know what. I am not, nor have been, a New Year’s resolution type of person. If I must | should do something, there’s no better time than today. Yes, sometimes I wait until a Monday, the 15th of the month, or a season (weather or otherwise) to end.