a shift in your mind or life

because of a word, a silence, an encounter? An assembling of puzzle pieces that suddenly comes together, perfectly fitting, and you wonder why you did not see or realize it before? Or perhaps not wonder at all but openly accept and pursue it?
In my experience, it happens mostly in passing, not directed to you, sometimes from a stranger.

Re-reading that scribble

I notice that the experience could be negative but I mean the positive ones, and now add: accept & pursue the ones that open your heart and gladden your spirit. Refuse the others β€” it is a choice.
Like staying in the shower longer than you have time for, taking too long to make a decision (tangent warning!), leaving something for later too often, taking more than you need (fill in the blank: eating, saying …), smiling versus looking down or away, ignoring, giving/loving without conditions, seeing others as yourself.
I could go on, πŸ™„ obviouslsy, but will stop.
you’re welcome

That last one

happens to me once in a blue moon. One of those moons is so clear that I go back to that day and place (in my mind) to try and recreate it: the feeling of otherness and oneness when for hours the fractures between myself and others were palpable. Yet I realized afterward, right afterward, as I sat in my car and was unable to back out of the parking space because of it, that we were not fractured but were all living in our own realm.
Hours wasted (could so digress!) in the company of people I did not want to be with dissolved to reveal a reality and a lesson that I forget more than I recall. I mean, I sat there with an hours-old sandwich, unwilling to move. The parking lot, the sunlight, everything about the moment was almost magical. If I could bottle the aura and amazement of those minutes I spent basking in that realization, I would. And give it away for nothing. To anyone.
wrote a reminder on a sticky note

Suffice it to say that our daily physical, intellectual, emotional, & spiritual choices are of consequence: so that we are either advancing to or receding from . . .

let my teaching fall like rain

and my words descend like dew

Deuteronomy 32