(or better stated: give in to)

my third novel

along with Scrivener. Guess which one is easier. So I will pick it up (again) and create the body of the document so that it is smoother (read: not take days | weeks) to properly and timely Compile into a final product, be that ebook or paperback.

I am setting sceneS

into kernels, convos, flashbacks, and whatever I see next that should be set apart in case I need to Compile it differently. If I don’t need to Compile it differently it will hurt no one that sections of the novel have differing names.
If I do need or want to Compile in a specific way and the novel’s sections are too homogeneous or disparate it will be awful. I am also changing styles (font, size, line spacing, etc.). Because I can and want to (read: procrastination).

i mentioned before

that I’ve considered creating two novels out of A Tale To Tell, as the novel seems too massive to finish and put together the way it is — I super-dislike blagh endings. The idea, I think, is brilliant. It frees me to put it out there and then work on the sequel while starting another. It’s just how I roll. Perhaps I could change that, but who knows.

thinking that the first half is “complete” fills me with freedom and peace

wish I could convey and give that to you — freedom + peace. To anyone. To everyone. It is refreshing and fulfilling and calming, like taking in a clean breath of air, or resting when the body needs it. Our souls need, no, are purity (freedom from unadulteration or contamination) and rest.

It is where I resist darkness and doubt, where I reside more often than I used to yet not as much as I could, where what is real is.

where i am truly me

. . . . .

Searching for an image for this post I realized (again) that I crave minimalism and austerity yet I live | thrive (?) in the opposite. But is that truly true? (Yea, I get it, but it’s what I want to write.) How much more or differently could I work if my environment were to be minimalist, even if just a tad? WORTH A TRY?


How much so I won’t venture to guess but will do. One of my nephews said something akin to that this past Christmas: how clean, aesthetic-looking spaces were so attractive but being in lushness (or was it chaos?) was his norm … I get it. Quite insightful for a ride on the NJ Turnpike. And here it is again. I so❣️ that.

how will it even be possible in my world?