read the word yesterday and scribbled it

1: situated at the farthest or most distant point
2: of the greatest or highest degree, quantity, number, or amount
thought i had never written the word but i was wrong. i used it once (!) in three novels commanding over 384,000 + all the other writings i have! why is this a worthy snippet? don’t now. but it is.

Osaka, Japan — October 6, 1999

The sight turned majestic after the seemingly endless Pacific. The island looked flat, the sea a glittering flash of silver surrounded by a sprinkling of fishing vessels, until dark and jagged mounds rose up. Like no other I’ve ever seen, the coastline was organized and well planned, designed to the utmost efficiency. Like, yet unlike, Amsterdam.


I love Sara. She was my first character ever. When I wrote, as I headed to work in New York City on a train, of a woman in despair speaking to a friend, Sara was born. I didn’t know her name then, didn’t know anything about her. Well, not true, I knew she hurt … and so did the other passengers on the train car that morning.

that’s how i discovered writing

I am glad to have written this because Sara is in my third novel and I had forgotten how she was. I made her into who I want her to be in the new novel but it isn’t right. Will have to adjust as I continue to write and as I edit. Which I started this week

in case i decide to write the novel

into two books. Was going to wait until I finish the manuscript before editing, but now that I think I have one book … hmm, maybe I will wait until I write more. But it has grown so much since the last time I read it! The issue is that right now, I am a little lost in it and figured reading it from the beginning may help. But that doesn’t make sense. When have I?

it’s time to read: IT’S HOW I WRITE

originally, i began this post for the uncategorized category, it was about a word but it morphed. the novel excerpt was the end. now i’m glad i went on. see ya!