advice is good, but I must be true to myself

Have read that reading a manuscript while writing it is a no-no. But yesterday I felt an impasse

1 a : a predicament affording no obvious escape

It sounds like writer’s block but it isn’t, more of a dissatisfied feeling (ahem), and decided that reading the manuscript while writing hasn’t hurt me in the past. It is how I write — how the story and characters evolve and grow in my mind because I don’t plan them. A Tale To Tell is the one novel I have semi-planned. Huh. And it is taking me years to write, whereas the other two didn’t. Hum. So I was correct yesterday in printing the first forty pages, which I am reading today before anything else, but which I will not edit until I print and read all twenty-five chapters I have so far.  I used to edit right after reading, even if I just read one chapter, but unless doing so detracts from the process, I will read on before I move over to edit the manuscript on screen. Too-do-loo!

it is not my way or the highway, it is just my way

I had forgotten, or maybe not realized it because my first two novels just happened, how much reading about my characters gets me into their lives and minds, and I think of so much more!

this COMPILE thing in Scrivener is a monster

And the manual is awfully written. Must search for a video online or suffer through it again and make an outline for future reference + for other souls. Something that works for me. Might have even ruined the presets I set up for Mine To Give. COMPILE is the process of putting together | formatting the manuscript for a document, pdf, e-book, etc. I just want to print for reading, nothing fancy, please.

must get over it for now and print it even though it is not perfect — Pages or Word neat is what i mean (not perfect-perfect)

one week later:

after reading 140 pages i may edit … there’s so much to change!
considering it this morning