(maybe re-discovered) all kinds of settings and options in Scrivener and (must) admit that reading the instructions of anything is better than skimming later when in a rush to get something done | completed | whatever.

You’d think that before this station in life (not age 😬) I would have jumped on that bandwagon
but it’s never (ever) too late

would love to say that i will post about Scrivener and tell you that i have mastered it and created a simple and very useful roadmap to using it

And although it is obvious that I don’t have a) such a thing, least alone b) the knowledge, I want to do so. While still working on paperback covers for the two published novels, picking up where I left off on number three, and … I’m tiptoeing here … perhaps beginning number four. ⁉️

Last week, my son made an innocuous statement, which resonated long after he left, along the lines of I wish you’d write a fantasy novel. Or something like that. I laughed inside but thought about it for too long afterward, and … I have the bug to write a story that’s out there.

I’M out there just for breathing this πŸ™„, let alone writing it