Think it may be valuable to add info to the Inspector as I write, which consists of:


A space to write a synopsis, plus another space for writing notes, but one can write anything in either field.


To bookmark a document or a project.


General — provides an option to specify Section Type such as Scene, Chapter, Heading, Front Matter, etc.

Custom — have no idea yet.

Keywords — to add identifying words of your choosing — I use character names, themes, voice tense.


Have yet to figure out how to | why use it.

Comments + Footnotes

No need to explain.

I have sparingly written in the Synopsis or Notes spaces, did more in Like A Blue Thread and Mine To Give, as this novel is about so much more, which, to boot, isn’t truly connected. The first two novels flow story-wise, whereas A Tale To Tell (current novel) flows with time, for a different purpose, and in a distinct manner.

The Metadata fields I have used more than anything in the writing of A Tale To Tell. Although it takes a bit of time to set up keywords, sections types, etc., it allows grouping and filtering. But I am not always on top of it when I write because I write to get words out.