editing mood

On board with editing, in order to publish a portion of the third novel
A Tale To Tell
because, as I must finally accept, it is more than what I want to publish in one book.

kernel @ end of ch. 3:

What could heal our wounds?

While searching for a balm, I find silence and stillness where there should be a cool cloth to comfort and cover the pain.

The cry doesn’t pour forth from my lips but remains inside forever — even if momentary, it will last forever.

the memory of pain is never erased

Though forgiveness gives way to freedom, sometimes even understanding, the scars remain and need bandaging, a caress with an elixir that soothes.
Realizing that in vain I search for a cure, peace descends and envelopes me.
A hum. A consciousness?

a chant

I find the healing of my soul in a breath, broken up at intervals to create the rhythm of a most unmistakable sound that promises hope and which,
in its promise alone,

at last