yes, one of those, you know the kind,

while on twitter this morning,

and somehow ended up finding Dorothea Lange. I’ve been searching for the photographer who captured my heart and mind, at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in Manhattan, decades ago. And that is exactly where I found her.

the exhibit at the time

not certain when — but I worked in NYC for only a few years, from 1996 to 1999 — impressed me so much that I didn’t want to leave it. Might have been there with someone else or it was nearing closing time.

still remember the desire

to remain there, rooted, like: I don’t want to move or be anywhere else type of thing. So opposite to how I felt at the Picasso Museum in Barcelona, where I ran out before seeing the exhibit in full, even though I became enthralled, still am, with his art.

the lange exhibit,

to my recollection, was stark and enlightening in a much different way. A bit like a photography book I have of Jack Delano (received years later as a gift from my father), but more poignant.

still remember my favorite photograph too


That the familiar world is often unsatisfactory cannot be denied, but it is not, for all that, one that we need abandon …

We need not be seduced into evasion of it any more than we need be appalled by it into silence.

Bad as it is, the world is potentially full of good photographs.

But to be good, photographs have to be full of the world.

Dorothea Lange and Daniel Dixon
i think it’s time to go