and opened it. not what i expected.
And the illustrations, although whimsical, are on the somber side. There’s another Philippe Lechermeier book I want: Hilo de Hada (Fairy Thread, not sure what the author would call it). Have not seen it in English, but fortunately, I read Spanish. Unfortunately, there are no books available (nor of the Princesses) . . . Anywho, just read one story and  🖤 it. Mainly from the Old Testament and the four gospels. It is enchanting. Wish it were in English too, don’t know why. Yet, I am translating Mine To Give. Spanish reading can only help.
(scribble of 06.08.21, after that post)

now i must tell about the book:

not only is it beautiful to read, it leaves me breathless . . . in a scintillating sort of way. The book is titled Una Biblia. There are myriads of bible storybooks, mainly for children, I presume, but this one is super different. It has a whimsical undertone yet is poignant, giving (in my opinion) the stories another dimension, a palpable, human, spirit-filled sense. You may think human + spirit-filled exclude each other. I just thought so myself, as I wrote the words, but it’s not so. It is the opposite. We are spirit-filled creatures living within the confines of our minds and world.

one man & one woman

is the first story and a few pages long. Beautifully written, and knowing it quite well, I breezed through it. Except that the last sentence, made up of only three words, surprised me — so much that I let out a little yelp, and before I could take another breath, I cried. And then I thought this is going to be magical. I read on, here and there, and thumbed to the back, landing on page 328. And then I knew this is going to be beyond good. Not only because of the story-telling but since I am translating one of my novels, reading in Spanish is opening a world of words for me.