which I repeated as I drove home a little while ago so I would remember them:



facultades extraordinarias

which are



extraordinary powers

Did not want to chance them to my cell recordings where they could get lost with hundreds of voice memos. I think I need these now. They are not in any order and do not belong together. But I either heard or read them today and, as I said, think I need them.

need is quite a word.

See, I am translating Mine To Give with my poor Spanish. Poor because I do not speak it much — as in very seldom — although I read + understand it perfectly well. My vocabulary lacks so much, whereas my English blossoms

with words that come to my mind

without me being certain if they are correct, yet usually are. I must re-read the novel to improve the Spanish and can’t wait to expound on new words. Now that I have these four, I know I  will add more to the list. So excited instead of despairing! To boot, while translating, I noticed a few grammar and syntax errors in the published English novel.  😢  Updated it on Amazon Saturday and will do so tonight again.

adding the english word pariah—

I’m sure I could use it. =| If not in the novel, then elsewhere. Definitely could use it in A Tale To Tell. Sometimes it is easier to say one word to describe something, though at times, it is better to draw out what one wants to portray. Not in the case of

pa·​ri·​ah | pə-ˈrī-ə

2: one that is despised or rejected OUTCAST

The indomitable black sheep. See, that word just jumped at my fingertips! Will check definition.

in·​dom·​i·​ta·​ble | in-ˈdä-mə-tə-bəl

incapable of being subdued UNCONQUERABLE

I don’t know about incapable, everything is possible. Synonyms: impregnable, insuperable, invulnerable … cannot be tamed.

oops! one more: apretar = clench 😬