would say since the beginning of june.

but it’s probably been years,

now that i think of it.


I had to ditch my first image choice for the July 01 post because the color was way too similar to 06.29’s and I couldn’t change it. It would have been perfect, but I’ll find a place for it.


blue anything

Since we painted two of our bedroom walls navy (does that mean anything to other people, navy?), which we had wanted to do for years, the attraction has deepened. Now, it has expanded to any blue. Even in my dressing,


i have added blues

Years ago, talking to a friend about who-knows-what, we chatted about how neat and pretty photos for closet advertisements look, how the clothes match in length and color. So … I rearranged my closet** and it truly makes a difference in a) finding stuff, b) neatness, c) discovering I gravitate to certain colors,


which shocked me


I saw that I prefer to wear (not buy, seems I buy more than I wear 😕): white, off-white, gray, navy, and pink. I never wore much black, and after widowhood wear it even less. Ummm, digressed. This was about my mood. Suffice it to say that I am


in a spirit of discipline

and goals (😒) and an open attitude — yea, believe it, I’m trying to. Somehow or other a planning bug’s in my ear, which reminds me: must call the doctor for an appointment, my right ear has been bothering me.


see why tangents are OK?



* doesn’t mean anything in Spanish except hue

** It’s been color-coded for a few years: pants, skirts, tops, and jackets separated, then organized by color. It sounds C-R-A-Z-Y maybe, but it’s so nice! I noticed quite recently that, since I got rid of most of my work clothes, I only have white skirts for summer.

not one in another color!


I used to be the princess of brightly colored skirts, anything really! My color combinations used to be talked about at work. =) I was also the PR Princess (known as PRP) because of my brightly colored clothes and attitude, according to one of the sales guys in the company. But they would say anything … wouldn’t they? Still. 👸🏽

does it sound like i’m blue?