have you ever been

in a room alone but feel you’re not? Then a little noise stops you in your mental tracks? Usually at peculiar times? By that I mean where you are, what you’re about to do. It just happened to me.

(started w/ a digression!)

For years I’ve wanted to write some of the Bible stories in today’s world. As if it were another world, different? Mmm, it isn’t different. What is different from then to now is our response, our doubts and distrust, the lack of openness.

collectively & individually

How we believe anything but shun truth. Well, perhaps not; that happened then too, has throughout recorded life. Is there a continuum here?

We trust + believe

much that is


+ without basis,

yet what is and has been in front of us we don’t

11.09.2020 scribble

digressed again?


but i don’t think so