even though i have other posts

ready or semi-ready, I instead would like you to know that I do indeed want to start writing another novel and that it will be set in another time and/or space. Have no idea of what or where, or how, but I feel it in my bones. And in my mind.

listened to a song

this morning (music influences + awakens my creativity so much!), and thought: I could start writing from that. Then heard another song by the same artist and knew. The thought has occurred to me at other times when I hear some of her songs. So.

yes, i will listen to

her music and write. Nonstop. What comes out. And thus start. It’s the only way to do it. I have had also a mental image for years of … no, I can’t say: it may be the beginning or a key point in the novel. I just know it.

sometimes i feel it …


when i think of that image as if i were there or she was me.

the image above isn’t the one—don’t need it anywhere except in my head. i am certain that when the time comes, if necessary at all, i will find it.