June 21, 2022
i wrote that yesterday on the june page + it stayed w/ me

It is a theme of mine, as I believe | think (is there a difference?*) that we have become tight knots, make ourselves into TK, and want others to be TK. Don’t laugh, it is generally true. Because when one truly wants peace, the best thing to do is to let go.
of everything
Of worries, hate, pasts, fears β€” of more. I am not cured of holding tight (at times becoming so entangled with what nots (pun not intended!) that if I could create a yoga pose for it I may make it into some book of world records!) but do know it to be so because I have experienced it.
more often lately
And it is not wholly because I am “maturing” (although I am) but because I turn out more than in. Interesting, that. I wrote a poem years ago about the fear of being turned inside out β€” wrote it after a very vivid dream of a cheetah. It’s in Like A Blue Thread β€” the dream, I mean.
* I often consider which word to use and … and shall continue to do so. There is a difference between the two, but sometimes I believe and reason and then must choose one. Go figure, right?