at last ii …

i have begun to meditate and chant

And decided to yoga every day (have this week), clean a shelf|closet|drawer|whatever a day (tidy something out of the ordinary, i.e., clean a wall—ever since we painted two of our bedroom walls navy blue I see how much dust exists in the world!), snack less (I didn’t snack for a month last year!), read (yes, I must make myself read, even if for thirty minutes—which is essentially impossible 😄), plan|post ahead, write.

and write some more

I already read in the a.m., well, most mornings: it’s my spiritual chai. I mean other readings! And I must take time, excuse me, schedule time to write too, instead of leaving it for later. I truly dislike later.

i crave routine + schedule, “words” that evade me

I decided to do “this” again because I could not stop myself (R.E.A.L.L.Y?) from eating a mix of honey roasted nuts and cashews and sweetness to the point that I decided to eat what was left (“not much”) because I will make it up by falling into place tomorrow.
“This” is a list of what I want/should/could do every day, including a MISC column (which usually fills up right away). I have done this before and eventually do fall into place. Which raises the question: why do I take myself out? We’ll see what I do do — no, not a typographical error. I like speaking (+ writing) this way.
Could so go on a tangent!

✋ Chao. Will get back to you if something outrageous happens!