the first time I noticed a difference

in my body, or the benefit of yoga, was after I bent down to get something that fell under the kitchen table. I bounced down and up effortlessly, actually bounced in one smooth swoop. And I was wearing heels and a skirt, just before heading to work. It was so amazing I stopped to think of it.

“Mom, you don’t yell as much or as loud. Whatever you do, don’t stop doing yoga.”

He came in to get something and went off — had moved out but still had a roomful of stuff — leaving me on the living room floor holding some pose, wondering whether to laugh or throw a shoe.

yoga was a present to myself

my first Christmas alone. I started in front of Alex Trebek. I also, at about the same time, started belly dancing — the Discovery network had a great broadcast called Shimmy. While exercising, I started watching a novela (soap opera). I created a strict schedule|world to keep my sanity. I would eat dinner after exercise. Otherwise, if I ate right after getting home from work, I’d be done for the evening. Routine has never had a place in my life, but it did for a while then. And it was a good thing.