writing a post @ bermuda because

a) I want to b) would like to go again c) think I should because the last TRAVEL post was in April. I just realized how long ago it’s been since I went there! Does it matter? Does anything? (Good grief! Yes, trying to stay out of one of those moods =).

i did not meet a king or

speak on the street to a gatekeeper who was the only person with the keys to a place where I wanted to go (I did go, he opened the place for me 😬), or anything outrageous, but the island was idyllic. Though I was not — will leave it at that. Went to Bermuda for three nights almost 20 years ago at just about this time of year (super hot) and truly enjoyed being there. Had never (still haven’t) seen an ocean so beautiful!

it is also where i fell head over heels

with the scent of jasmine. There is a perfumery on the island: Lili Bermuda 💕 that sells the most delicious jasmine perfume! I toured it and brought home the treasure of jasmine. I see that now, at least as of today, they only sell the Eau de Parfum — which is not the same as parfum.

I was so enthralled with the scent that I studied perfumery a bit — not much, just enough — and specifically jasmine. Mmm, studied is a tall order. Read a lot about perfumery is more like it. Mind you, this was before the internet was what it is today, so mainly I read books and articles.

don’t have many good photographs

from the trip, and the few of me are awful — or perhaps remind me of the turbulence within me. I was just not myself. Or I was trying to be … it’s difficult to express. Don’t know how I had the strength to sit or walk or anything.

mmm … why wouldn’t i?

Silly and|or amazing what we at times (or too often?) allow the mind to dictate and believe. Anywho, digressed a tad to a long-forbidden-and-should-be-forgotten world.

may order the perfume (eau), though.