March 16, to be exact,

to pick up prompts from the Journal page on my site. I see that I have indeed posted about some of the topics, inadvertently, but still yay! Today I picked one because I am at a loss on what to post. Gulp. That is not writer’s bock, it is blogger’s block. I can write about anything at any time, but blogging isn’t fantasy or fiction unless I write about my novels. Well, my writing about them wouldn’t be fiction, only the story itself is fiction. If I were to write fiction about my story that would be a lie. Does that make sense? It does to me —

one of those circles i like so much.
anywho: eeny, meeny miny moe! i choose 🥁🥁🥁:

grape juice

Aah, yes, grape juice. Interesting, this. Quite personal, but it was key for me at one point in my life. It may not come through, as I would have to divulge too much,

but here it goes

While talking to someone about fifteen-twenty years ago, not certain but close enough, I mentioned that I would be traveling to visit my mother in Puerto Rico, and somewhere in the conversation said that I would get to drink grape juice. Why, is the grape juice different? He smiled. No, I responded, I just can’t drink grape juice at home.

he looked steadily at me

By then it was too late and I couldn’t take it back. What do you mean you can’t drink grape juice at home? So I explained. He was (is?) an awesome man, one of the most amazing people I have ever, ever met, and wheeled his chair over and sat across from me, our knees almost touching —

paraphrasing, as i do not recall his exact words,

Marinés (he’s one of the few people in the world who has called me by my real name), you can drink grape juice here too, not only in Puerto Rico. There is no reason why you can’t have grape juice in your refrigerator. You will buy some on your way home and drink it if you want.

and so i did

I am stunned thinking about it, about the whole thing. It is amazing what we do or not do sometimes, and how we allow ourselves to be steered. Like cattle. =|

i don’t have grape juice in the fridge anymore
don’t need it. nor want it.