because here we come! (hopefully)

We are supposed to be traveling next month. I have a list of places to go, things to see, foods to eat, but not the airfare or hotel 😆. Even have traveling companions with airfare and hotel 😳. 

that’s the way it goes

 — well, at this time in my life. Yes, I’ve looked and dabbled, but that’s it. Haven’t told my mother either because … am I certain that we will go? Or am I playing at travel? Don’t know, but figured that I should post about it in advance in case I do go, or in case I don’t, I guess. It’ll be something to talk about.

Botelló gallery

other galleries

bay cruise

Bacardí distillery

Poets Passage (Calle Cruz)

Bacoa restaurant

La Factoría bar

pan de mallorca

passion fruit 🤫

time w/ family

ooh boy. exhausted already just looking at the list
Camuy caves — 3rd largest cave system in the world

Fajardo (Luquillo beach, El Yunque rain forest, food)

Mall de San Juan. Didn’t know it existed; new since last trip*

Museo de Arte — new too and, to boot, Flaming June is there right now, on loan from the Ponce Museum through July 3rd

Wilo Benet eatery (we had one of the best meals ever at his Picayo restaurant, which doesn’t exist anymore)

And walking, strolling, meandering in Old San Juan visiting the fort; relaxing at the beach→something I seldom get to do in PR because I have family there

Piñones — how I haven’t posted about it is beyond me
plus other regular haunts:

overlooking El Morro, moriviví, sitting near the port to eat goodness knows what, hearing the clack-clack of dominoes on tables in the plaza, Calle Cristo, Barra China (where the Piña Colada was born, although the Caribe Hilton bar also claims so).

may have to taste test

Left out kite flying on the Morro grounds, the bio fluorescent bay, and Paso Fino horses because … when on earth, right? And the guys think they’re going to golf. 🤣

* Realized today, while speaking with my son, that I have not been to the island in ten years!!!! 😱