that has been on my “to write” folder for who knows how long. presume i’m hungry; therefore, chose it for today’s post!

I have already expounded on lemon vinaigrette, but the bistro steak + the mofongo?

a bistro steak

has many names, but we discovered that its actual name is teres major = it is the animal body part. There is also, of course, a teres minor. The human body also contains tereses. Talking about body parts is taking the fun out of this for me =|. Anyway, the steak is de-li-cious! We discovered it on our way to Maine a few years ago. Just asked the man behind the counter at this little supermarket in Freeport, ME, what he would recommend, and that’s what he offered. Now we buy them by the dozen on our way home. We vacuum seal and freeze them. Simply season and lightly grill. DASSIT!

mofongo is another story

And it sounds strange, I know. Even in Spanish it does. But once you taste it, the name is irrelevant. Most names are, truly, aren’t they? My name is not who or what I am (neither my first nor second or, in our culture, the third—which is the mother’s last name); it identifies me, other names describe me. I am who I am.

Green plantains

Smashed garlic

Broth | oil as needed

Salt + pepper


(crispy pork skins)

the plantains are cut into

1″ rounds and fried, then mixed with the other ingredients with a mortar + pestle and pound into a mound. Sometimes I barely cook the garlic to take away the rawness, although I really like garlic and seldom do this. But sometimes, well, I feel like it.

Mofongo could be a side dish or the main dish by a) having a huge portion b) accompanying it with shrimp | seafood (🐙octopus is popular🤭) or fried beef or whatever one desires. A simple, light salad usually graces the dish. For color, I think. =)

one of my sisters is here

and I’m contemplating making it. This may seem silly because she is here from Puerto Rico, but she may not know about the beef and she doesn’t make mofongo or her own salad dressing. The trip has been a culinary experience — and we still have other meals to prepare before she leaves Tuesday morning — things she asks about and some she doesn’t. 👋 

“What on earth is Latin anyway? Besides, I want him to try and figure me out, to know me. And another thing, I am who I am not because I’m Latin but because I am who I am.”

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