that the garden is as it was

last year β€” to the day! Although, worse than that, we planted cucumbers near tomato plants, and the cuke tendrils are choking the tomato branches. Beautiful as the plants and tendrils are, they are wreaking havoc, and it’s probably too late for the toms. With the intense heat we’ve had lately,

i’ve been reluctant to move 

the tomatoes. The cucumber plants are too large to consider moving, although we could scrap them, which I don’t want to do because I truly believe the toms don’t have much of a chance. Looks like this will be our least productive tomato crop.

we still have some of

last year’s canned tomatoes, but they won’t take us through a full year. Yes, I can buy ‘truly canned’ toms at the market, but … perhaps I’ll move the at-risk tomato plants early-early Sunday morning, leave tools and areas ready the previous evening to lessen the chance of damage.