a wee bit overloaded

• as you might have read •

i owned a magic condo,

but looking at the gardens outside, I honestly wish I owned a magic garden where I would not have to weed, tie-up, prop, cut, deadhead—need I say more? You get it, right? I want the flowers and the veg, and yes, I can put in the time, but there is so much to do! And because I have not been gardening fifteen minutes a day which I think would be the way to go, although fifteen could turn to a bit more, but I can run away from other duties for fifteen minutes stretched out to thirty  it looks like Halloween out there. May be exaggerating a tad, a wee small bit. Don’t know what happened to the hours of today, but it is seven pm, and it just dawned on me reading through the novel I’m currently writing  that I don’t have a post.

Well, not true, I have let me count them  eight typed and two dozen started, plus notebooks and stacks of paper of others handwritten, but I just read the typed ones, and I’m not in the mood for any of them. I would have to read through others to pick one, and that could take for-EVER!

So I looked out of the window and saw a couple of tomato branches out of control, and here we are. 🍅 Or here I am wishing for a magic garden.

What I must do is plan.

I’ve said this many times: planning makes a huge difference! Plan the day, my writing | reading, etc., still leaving time for chance. DARN IT, I will. Not shall or should. Will. Tomorrow. Right now, I have to post this, snap my magic fingers to find an image or photograph, then find something to eat. the neat tomatoes above are from a photograph taken years ago + are not on my counter 

i need a magic life 😄