the proverbial carpe diem

For all procrastinators out there, and for non-p too: embrace the NOW. Today is what we have. To—day: To = for + this day. I am again using the Pomodoro Technique®. Yes, of course, my husband makes all sorts of wise cracks if I mention the 25-minute blocks, but they work for me when I remember or decide to use them.

I may spend more or less time than planned, but I endeavor to not do so, and instead be disciplined to move on if it’s the best decision for the big picture (aka: the day or a deadline). But I seldom have hard deadlines. Wrote decide and decision in one paragraph, which means I have landed at one of my favorite themes: CHOICES.

Aah, do we have choices or do we have choices? Most of us do. I refrain from writing that we all do because I am open to believe (though I’d rather not even think about it) that some people may not have choices. 🙁

“little choice” is still a choice =)

I have learned that discipline, and placing one foot in front of the other, will get me where I need and want to go when I refuse (choose not) to go by the book. I don’t forget the multiplication tables, how to drive a stick shift (although I may be a little rusty), nor many other things. So why o why do I forget to be disciplined?
Disciplined does not mean constricted, but to the contrary: it affords me the freedom to do + be. And be + do too. Flying by the seats of my pants is all well and good, but I still have to decide where to fly.
It is about saying YES or NO with conviction. When I want to adhere to doing what I have proposed to do, it’s smooth sailing. So why o why would I ‘not want to?’ The pushback is almost palpable. Sometimes it is physical. And it is not intuition or gut feeling because it’s accompanied by dread.
really? that’s interesting.

You were wild once. Don’t let them tame you.


Isadora Duncan
(who’s them?)