we worked in the garden and yard yesterday and had margaritas and chips and guacamole made with one lonely avocado and garden cilantro. We still have to take down the greenhouse (and find a place to store the conduit!), plant the beds in it, mulch much, plant elephant ears and more darn seeds, and I also want to rejuvenate (don’t know where that word came from, but it’s what came) my spaces. Let me rephrase that: my creative spaces. Do I need to, or is it an obstacle to not create because the space is not right? Most likely. If I had no space, what would I do? Hmm … as Sinjin would say: I’m spoiled for choice.

Need? No, I don’t need much. HA! That’s funny. Could I live today, May 16, as if I need nothing? I’ll give it a try. Barely six in the morning and I am über philosophical. Thought also, and wrote a note about, that perhaps a character could write the novel I am currently writing, which she inhabits. The idea alone gave me a One Hundred Years of Solitude ending feeling. Yep! Exactly. That’s what happens when the muse is alert and full of chai. ☕️

ma·​ni·​ac | ˈmā-nē-ˌak

2: a person characterized by an inordinate or ungovernable enthusiasm for something

I love words. Often I know what they mean, yet I don’t. I feel what they mean and then look them up in the dictionary to ensure. For example: inordinate. So I keep going moving on tangents. Oof, I researched the word tangent years ago and have two pages (somewhere) of scribbling, as the definition nudged me on to write and search out other words. Might have something to do with the concentric circles (and word) I like so much also. Regardless, this post is about the garden. Really!

This year’s peonies are on their way. The one here is the first one, out yesterday by its lonesome self. They will probably look a lot like the 2020 peonies. Hopefully, not next year if I remember to divide + move them in September. Planted ranunculus corms (never even knew they existed) but might have done it too late. Will see. Thinking of them because they seem to resemble peonies.

Having difficulty finding a main image, so I will take a break. Most of the AdobeStock images I like are too neat and composed. I am more “organic.” 😬 aka: disorganized and “natural” — pardon the bunny ears! I took a bunch of photographs with my cell phone, but they are not perfect.

looked for another word

but that is the one. I don’t mean perfect perfect, but perfect for what I want. Although the ones below do not look so bad. Shall take photos with the real camera, but the photo ops are mostly gone because most of the plants are in the ground. Ugh! Having trouble with both camera batteries. 😩 Charged them all day, but they are not charged or something else is wrong. Oh well, I will use my photographs for thumbnails only, and a neat + composed photograph for the featured image.

and, uh, no, i did not live as if i needed nothing.
what does that mean anyway?
i bet it means something different to you than to me.
so maybe i did