that my posts are nice but: “i don’t have time or the mind for that right now.” when i began to say that yes, we have the mind to — i got interrupted and shut down.

And I let it go. We all fly off the handle for different reasons, and our handles are not all the same. I get that. Those darn buttons that people push, that you yourself may push. CS Lewis compares it to rats in a cellar — they are there whether you turn on the light or not, but you only see them when light shines on them.

it doesn’t mean they’re not there

The light doesn’t create the fill-in-the-blank (vermin). When something affects us so much that we lose it is when we most need the niceties and clichés of: take a deep breath, count to ten, let it go, be compassionate, step away, whatever it may be. We should use those tools, because that is what they are (or reality, as I’d rather say) because it’s

when we are most vulnerable to

additional anguish / damage / rage … will find the proper word, but these are the ones that come to my mind and fingertips right now — perhaps darkness? That seems intense. The key is to question if we could put ourselves in someone else’s shoes. Or consider that people around us may have similar conversations going on in their heads, albeit from different viewpoints or backgrounds.

most of us think we know better

And we may, yet … why is knowing better and imparting that information to others so important? I’m just asking. Don’t have the answer. Yes, that is correct, singular: there can only be one answer to the question. Of course, I think I have the answer 😬 but who knows?

Our true selves respond out of the well of our being, not when we think up words or behavior — when we’re caught off guard — without alteration.
that is the real us

‘If someone doesn’t push my buttons I’m good’ means (to me) one is a farce. How balanced we are equates with how well in tune we are, which then spills into every facet of life: words, thoughts, deeds,

staying still, being truthful . . .

all of it. In tune with what? No need to ask, is there? Because we know. In our deepest, most inmost space, we know.

loosen the ties that bind