no one can make you

feel inferior


your consent

Quoted this on the June 2022 page* but almost deleted it because it seems to imply that one is partly at fault — that if you feel inferior it is not 100% because of the person “making you” feel inferior. But that is not the case, not what I think it means. If someone tried to convince me, or even just call me, say: stupid, it wouldn’t bother me because I am not stupid.

It could be a myriad of things

that someone could say to me … except whatever I (even if just a shred) believe, fear, or doubt about myself. And there are many of those. I think that if the ‘belief’ is not inside of you already, the insult or dissing will probably mean less. An insult or diss doesn’t hurt but reinforces an internal view.

I may be making a mess of this

because of the words I’m using, but do you understand what I’m saying? I hope so. Just as I hope I consider this when my walls begin to go up and the door of my soul slams shut — it can happen so quickly! So:
diss the lie (s)