first monday in june
• posting out of sequence (gasp!) •

I keep learning from our granddaughter to take nothing from anyone — anyone. She doesn’t, never has. She’s not five yet. If she lets what someone says slide, you know she’s letting it slide. I have never seen a child so … don’t know the proper word to use: commanding or confronting? But she’s been a no-nonsense soul since I’d say birth. Before she was six months, and definitely by the time she turned one. In contrast, her little brother cooed and smiled and made googley eyes by month three. We spent a week together in Seattle, and he was amazing. Well, the whole trip was.

Back to our veritable princess. She has a stone look and will not respond to anything or anyone if she so chooses. How re-fresh-ing! I’ve been known to do that. I’d rather say nothing than lie, or I keep my opinion(s) private (tricky) most of the time or just walk away.

plain walk off stage

Not for some high purpose, but because my torrents are exactly that: deluges. I write better than I speak, I believe. Better to read than to hear what I have to say. Trust me. Although, I made a faux-pas once of sending an email, well, I’ll leave that for another day. Yet when words flow rhythmically inside me, as long as I can discipline myself, they burst like music from my lips — no doubt about that.

and it happens

Otherwise, I keep them to myself thank you very much and you’re very stinking welcome. Plus: my accent seems (to my ears) to thicken while words stumble out in rapid succession.