41 — 10′ 19.693″ N

71 — 33′ 27.376″ W

a slice of freedom 13 miles away … as the crow flies

it is not puerto rico

But it is almost as special to me. I have traveled a lot, and this place has something about it. Waking up and getting ready, before heading to the ferry, even if we are going for the day (which is what we usually do) fills me with joy. There isn’t much to do on the island, it is small — about 9.7 square miles — yet boasts two lighthouses. One of them is a favorite place of mine. A little like the Old San Juan door, where I could sit and sit, and enjoy the blueness of the space and the something of the place.


the southeast lighthouse

was moved from the cliff’s edge in 1993

sit your butt or take a putt

we’ve been putting in that little patch of green, leaving a couple of dollars for green fees in a cup, and making bets, for years, well, since 2009

(in 2019 the putting was gone)

1661 farm & gardens

where alpacas and animals abound. the one in the photograph kicked my husband because he wanted it to pose with him and it would have none of it

the northern lighthouse

is the fourth and current lighthouse on that spot

Block Island on a grayer day | still beautiful


the photographs are untouched

except for the four i made blue, and the two black + white

don’t have to say much … the photographs speak for themselves