memory from a photograph ii
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follow up to April 20, 2020 post

my mom found some photos, texted them yesterday

and she was right

Not only did I wear a white dress with daisies, just like she said: I’m wearing the darn wig! So the photo killed two birds with one stone. Now I don’t have to hunt for a me-wearing-wig photograph. And what makes sense is that I am older than the green dress wedding me — because there is such a thing as photographs of me, with my thin smile, wearing a green chiffon dress … must be another uncle’s wedding. I recall looking at the dress over and over in the closet, perhaps before and after the wedding. It was so lush and weighty and piney green. At that previous wedding, I was little, and the infatuation quite much for such a little girl.

Now, the first kiss did happen when I was that little. Of that, I have no doubt, because it was at a school I attended for only one year — Kindergarten.

and no, I will not post the daisy dress photos

The wig is so not me! Anyway, the Q&A Book asked: Do you have a childhood memory based purely on a photograph? What is it and how “true” do you think it really is? Two memories were intermingled in my mind.

I did respond to my Mom with: Yes, it was white! And in what wedding did I wear a green chiffon dress?

i am not giving up

She said it was at another uncle’s wedding, but has no idea about the photo.

she will find the photograph, it’s what moms do

July 2020 — she did!

told me it has faded and the green dress doesn’t look so green anymore. wants to have it re-colored. i-want-to-see-it!