just a note ii

cont. of Feb. 15 ’20 post

What is interesting is that it would be the five-year marker of priorities, according to my thoughts that June ’14 afternoon, that would matter for the rest of my life. Meaning that the priorities of the first four years are the most important — yet the five-year markers, which would matter only and if I had that long to live, were foremost in my mind at the time. I would not have considered fighting gender discrimination and|or playing golf unless I had more than five years to live.
Yet, I slipped the note somewhere, where it slipped deeper still somewhere else until I found it in 2019. Therefore, it is here now, not as a memory of what I did or thought, but a reminder of what can be done.

Second half of the list:


2 years (June ’16) – 3rd (4th) novel

5 years (June ’19) – eradicate gender discrimination

10 years (2024) – eradicate discrimination,

build a business, maybe golf?

15 years (2029) – all

20 years (2034) – all

30 years (2044) – all

+ years  – all

Wonder if I considered then, as I consider now, that nothing would matter without the inert and strong desire of the “just one day — this is it, all you can do” remaining with me for the rest of my days. I think I did, it’s probably why I wrote it.