just a note i

Straight from a June 2014, Friday afternoon note


thinking, thinking, thinking,

going over scenarios, revisiting … took out paper to create yet another list when a thought invaded my manic mind: what would I do if there was one day left to live?
The prancing madness evaporated. I laughed and cried at the same time. Breathed deep and softened my shoulders. Then created a list of time-tables: 1 day, 3, 1 wk, 1 mo, 3 … to 30 years. I’m still crying. !

I found the note last year, shortly before June 2019, and created the piece below. And that’s about it. Love looking at it, revisiting the note, thinking how neat … Yes, I have started and|or accomplished some, but not the meaningful and important ones, the ones that woke me up that summer day years ago.

First half of the list

1 day – pray, call, forgive, organize docs
1 week – create a will, organize docs
1 month – visit
3 months (Oct) – visit
6 months (Jan) – travel
12 months (June ’15) – complete novels, website

when my son saw the list he was flabbergasted that he did not make it in (was quite witty and funny), but i explained (just as cleverly) that nothing needs to be said or done ~ and he begrudgingly =) accepted that

Second half of list