— yes, it happens

every winter, when the weather is dreadful or there is a hint of spring in the air. this year is no diferent. so, why aren’t i in the mood when the weather is splendid? search me (figuratively speaking).

Planning (dislike that word) to gather seeds, books, notepad, etcetera, and set out a wish list — this way, the planning is airy and wistful and perhaps unreal (?). Sounds like I am already defeating the purpose. But on I will plow. No pun intended. About an inch or more of snow covers the ground, so it is early enough to have hope.

shall map out on paper where to put (and which) vegetables and flowers and the lavender i have yet to plant so that it takes over somewhere.

Composting I will leave for another day because I want to change how we do it, which means my husband must be on board. Or does it? Mmm, no. Not really. I will also declutter a small wooden desk filled with who-knows-what and tidy the space for sewing, which I have not used even though I purchased a sewing machine a couple of years ago. I’d like to add a few more items to the to-do list,

but i must be realistic

It is 9:34 a.m., so if I put time to each chore, I . . . yes, I should be able to do it. Mind you, there are the routine chores, too, some of which went by the wayside this week because we were in Maine❣️ with the kids.

realistic | re·​al·​is·​tic |  rē-ə-ˈli-stik = 3: based on what is real rather than on what is wanted or hoped for