to the garden.

mmm … why?

I put on my outside shoes because it was wet out th ere, and trimmed and picked and brought in. Nature will wave goodbye at the proper time. This year, summer hung around. I could even say it is fighting to hide around here — it’s stinking November 16th! In some of the beds, there are flowers with new blooms. Doubt they will blossom, but it is amazing that they are still there. Or here, rather.

Learned through the senses the difference among numerous lavenders — and that French is my favorite. I have wanted (for a couple of years now, at least) to plant lavender en masse (why a French word?). For now: I harvest, dry, and plan to put it in bins and drawers.

Good thing I decided to research lavender drying methods because lavender does not need washing beforehand. Makes sense. It is not for consumption. Well, it could be. And who would want critters in the house from lavender? Scented as they may be.

i am seriously considering bringing in mint

although it has never made it through the winter in the house — keyword: house. now, in a greenhouse … (cool chapter title =)
By 11:45 am, I have done so much!* And with a wedding to attend to @ 2:00.
* My husband would say ‘except iron my shirt’ but hey, he’s known about this wedding for months + I can only ask so many times, right?

wrote post + took photographs onOctober 22, 2021 🙄

Harvested all of the lavender eventually. No, no, no! There is still some out there, although I am not sure it will be there tomorrow. It turned November cold last night and today. We composted more tomatillos than we ate! So sad. The plant was prolific, to boot! We had tomatillos everywhere (except our plates)! =(

Parsley, chives, oregano, and (surprisingly) lemongrass are still fighting the cool season. In the compost, we have a, perhaps, zucchini plant with blossoms. It could be butternut, I’m not sure. (I have an old + funny butternut squash story and photo for another day). The hydrangeas and elephant ears are done. Still have to cut down the hydrangeas — two massive plants have super-grown, and we must move them before winter. They did not bloom much this year. Look cooped in. Hope it is not too late!

i ❣️ my rogue plants like the dahlia that keeps popping up in the messy and crowded front garden year after year, the black-eyed susans + daisies that crop up out of nowhere before + after their time, tomatoes among the flowers =), spring onions on the front path, cilantro in crevices …
(FYI: photos have a vivid preset and -70 clarity — all mine except the lavender)