Aachen❣️Germany, circa 1997.
This photograph has nothing to do with photographing books, but as I searched for photographer | ing images, I thought of myself, then after a bit, remembered this one. It is almost a miracle I have it — let alone found it. Originally, it was a glossy paper photograph that I scanned in 2011. Amazing, indeed.

while thumbing + swiping

through Instagram, I was bitten by the bug of photographing books + reading corners a few weeks ago but did not do it. I mean, where do I start? Then today, it happened again, but I decided not to ponder. I mentioned previously how I shelf my books. Not very organized or methodically, but as already read, super favoritesto read, spiritual, some which I don’t want in the house, my husband’s. But I shall search for color and | or subject matter for the photographs.

will post on instagram

Of course, for now, I will photograph books where they currently reside. Otherwise, I may prop, reshuffle, wait for the proper light and take forever to post. I have a thing for aesthetics. Mmm, this is contrary to what I wrote in the previous photograph. Am I going in circles? I shall photograph and post as I wish. May include magazines also because I have tons of those too, even though I have been weeding them through. 

i could photograph (unused) picture frames galore too!

maybe i will and start a trend 😄

This post was supposed to be about reading! I was going to photograph the book and magazines I am reading …