I upgraded my laptop’s OS to Big Sur last week, and among its new features, there is a Translate to Spanish option (other languages too). I was floored. A gift. For sure. The translations are not 100% correct; some verb tenses, colloquialisms, and gender translations render it ~ 90% accurate. Maybe a tad less (some less accurate than I would like, depends on the English). But that’s better than totally or mostly inaccurate, no?

like i need some new “to do”

I read a few of my posts translated and know I would never translate it as well — let alone at all. Let’s get real. But now I can. Could. On the subject of real: really? How to is easy, as it will “only” require correcting the colloquialisms or literal translations and the gender errors. How would it know that the speaker is a he or a she speaking about a he or a she? =) Anyway, I’m so essited!

be realistic: when?

With the new OS, at this moment, anyone can read my blog in that quasi-90% proper Spanish, but not my website. =\ I wonder why. Will research. Ooh, didn’t have to. My son quickly explained why. =/ Re-do, undo, or create a new site?

i want + try to go linear, but…

By the way, speaking of translations: I liked the movie Lost In Translation, felt it so palpably. I traveled to Japan once and experienced it very much the same way, although I had to work while I was there. But the foreignness,

the feeling of being outside a circle, yet somehow a part of it, was fierce