today too

Besides the other horses I’m galloping with, I have decided to post on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of M-W-F and leave posting on weekends open.

i like change, movement, even if just a tad

And although it might not seem needle-changing enough, it is — in my world.

By the way: broke out the Moleskin pen and notebook to write this — it’s like when sneakers hit the pavement or a fishing rod slices the water. Not that I run or fish, it’s what popped in my head.

When I synched the pen + notebook with the app, only one line transferred, perhaps because I had another notebook over most of what I wrote. Therefore, I had to re-write. Which I would have to have done if I had used paper, but … that’s not the point. I guess that’s why it did not transfer. Must test, just not right now. Have to scaramoosh! Ha! I just looked up the real definition of the word (Scaramouche) since I use it to mean scram, but it doesn’t. Well, in urban language it does. =) Learn something every day.

now the song makes sense