scrivener for blog

And not only am I somewhat organized in what I have blogged, plus have a record, old-fashionably “written,” yet a record nonetheless, I ordered a smart writing system. Fancy. To minimize the number of pages and scraps of paper 1) involuntarily inundating me, 2) that may, usually do, some more than others, need deciphering, 3) that I must transcribe.

i hope to write on either of the 2 pads

Create only a few lingering notes here and there, doubt they will forever cease. Have considered burning some of the paper and scraps with snippets and scribblings. they are so … cannot come up with the word. Taking over? Cluttering me? Ha! Funny.

will KEEP CALM for now

Draft Folder

Contains posts in all kinds of stages, from nothing but the title or idea to half-written or completed but, um, don’t know if I like it posts.

PS — follow up: moved the Draft Folder into the Manuscript folder to include it in the automatic Scrivener backup; otherwise, it would be in limbo. Yikes! I ignored the WARNING message that flashed on the screen every time I closed the program until today.

+ on Status and Label

PS i — changed some of the Status and Label options to fit my work.

PS ii — discovered that I can rearrange them both, so I did. The ones I use most are on top.